Wondering Hands

‘Wondering Hands’ is a brand new puppet show about SEX. A mash up of comedy skits inspired by real stories of first kisses, crushes, discovering identity, bodies and all the fuzzy stuff in between. This will include everything from unlikely relations between inanimate objects to beautiful interpretive puppetry with symbolic meanings.

We want to address this country’s serious lack of cohesive sex education. To do this we’ve surveyed our Facebook followers asking how they’re learnt about the world of sex and identity. This material we’re turning into the verbatim stories you hear in our show. All our material is written by you!

Asking questions and being curious about sex is natural and should be available to everyone. We feel that puppets have that accessible edge over the often explicit, pornographic and misrepresentative world of sex. We want to appeal to all sexualities, genders and relationship types and that’s why a lot of our puppets aren’t gendered- or even human! We want to make people laugh primarily because we think laughter and good sex should go hand in hand. We’re exploring consent, gender and sexuality, breaking down unhelpful sex metaphors and analogies, looking at love, lust and communication.

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