Taking Back the Power: Students Against TTIP

Students Against TTIP is a network of young people and students creatively campaigning and fighting against secret trade deals like TTIP and CETA: corporate power grabs, intent on claiming back our collective power from the corporate and political elites.

TTIP threatens our way of life and our Human Rights. It’s a shady trade deal being negotiated between the EU and U.S behind closed doors. At the festival this year, they’ll be running a workshop and exposing how TTIP will give corporations an unprecedented control and power over our lives.


“TTIP* threatens to sell off our democracy, cause the irreversible privatisation of our NHS, pull down our health & safety standards in food and workers rights, and stifle our ability to fight climate change. It will force our politicians to protect corporate profit instead us, the people and planet. 

Students Against TTIP are part of a worldwide fightback against illegitimate trade deals like TTIP. Join us as we use creative and participatory ways to run our session on TTIP, with short performances and interactive ways that encourage you to participate. We will demystify the secrets of TTIP, empower you with knowledge and tell you about the fightback happening across Europe and the world.”