Ross From Friends (live)

Ross From Friends is actually a South London based producer who has spent his life absorbing a vast array of musical influences. These include a passion for early experimental electronic music, synths jams from an 80s pool club and a love of clever sampling, hip hop style. Marry all this to a heavyweight four four groove and you have the essence of this established artist’s influential sound. As such, it is this compressed, energetic, kinetic take on house, techno and the many grey areas in between that make up his live sets on the dance floor, and that never fail to make said dance floors move. Ross From Friends plays live as part of a three piece band that is as engaging to watch as it is stimulating to listen to, and he has done so around many of London’s key venues.

In terms of his studio work, a debut EP on Breaker Breaker Recordings really established him as an inventive talent and turn plenty of heads of those in the know. It picked up plenty of support and heavy rotation by a key selection of DJs and dancers via some mysterious SoundCloud uploads in late 2015, and has seen him go on to get picked up by lo-fi front-runners, and Lobster Theremin affiliates, Distant Hawaii. It is there that Ross put out his anticipated You’ll Understand EP and there that he has proven he has a bright future with many more musical tricks up his sleeve.