Raphael Attar Sings the Hits

Raphael Attar is sort of like a rapper. Sometimes he does proper music as frontman for electronic hip hop band Paper Tiger, other times he dresses up as a robot and shouts about going to the zoo. His latest project “#Art For #Art’s #Sake // Raphael Attar Sings The Hits” combines avant garde experimentalism with a loving tribute to some of the great artists of the millennium.

We had Raphael down to our last scratch night and he had the room in pieces. We’re so excited to have him as part of our variety show at the Forum this year.

“Charmingly ramshackle” – The Observer.
“Felt like a Sun-Ra/Skepta crossover” – someone at the last Brainchild gig.
“When does this get funny?” – Chris Moyles