Matt Maltese

Matt Maltese is a 20 year old singer and songwriter. Now based in South London, he’s fully immersed himself in the local emerging music scene, from putting on shows for himself and other local names at makeshift venues, namely South London studio 180 – a dilapidated Georgian terrace part art studio/part squat owned by National Rail – to recording vocal parts for his debut EP late at night in his bedroom, singing quietly so as not to wake his housemates. And it was in this scene that Matt first crossed paths with Alex Burey, who produced ‘Studio 6’ and has brought his unmistakable woozy and soulful sounds to the track.

Speaking about working with Alex on ‘Studio 6’, Matt explains: “I’d been an admirer of loads of the music coming out of South London for a while – Jerkcurb, Babeheaven, Loyle Carner etc. I started going to quite a few shows they were putting on in Peckham, and met Alex [Burey] at one of them. I’d heard some of his music on Soundcloud and thought it was beautiful – I felt like a proper fanboy when we met. I played him some demos, and we started hanging out and making music together. I wrote ‘Studio 6’ in the space of an evening, and Alex and I pretty much recorded all of it the next day.”

Musically, Matt Maltese takes cues from a range of influences from Leonard Cohen to French musician Francoise Hardy. His evocative lyrics, which are full of rich imagery as he observes London life occurring around him, offer a glimpse into the maturity of his creativity, whilst his melodies maintain an undeniable and accessible appeal.