“Eco Art” a Creative Writing Workshop by Eleanor Penny

What is the relationship between art, the environment and the politics of protest? In this ‘Eco Art’ creative writing workshop, prize-winning poet and journalist Eleanor Penny will discuss what is meant by the terms ‘eco art’ and ‘eco poetics’, and encourage discussion around the potentials and limits of art in contesting climate change. Beginning with an in-depth look at examples of eco art/protest art from around the world, conversation will be followed by a practical writing workshop where people produce writing in response to a series of prompts. Expect to use this material to put together group poems, with the chance to display your writing around the festival site and share them in our Open Mic on Sunday evening.

Eleanor Penny is a writer, artist, activist, internaut, failed miscreant, marmite queen and Piccadilly Line loyalist. She’s a Barbican Young Poet 2015/16, and Contributing Editor at Novara Wire. Eleanor is currently conducting research into Eco Aesthetics, and climate change related language death. Her project foregrounds the phenomenon of language death to recentre the debate on the effects of colonialism/ the experience of people in the global south.