A Poke in The Eye

Georgie Morrell. One woman. One eye. And her (sort of) blind life…

Do your other senses really get stronger? Is it wrong to crack onto your doctor? Will I get a new eye that shoots lasers?

Just some of the many questions our heroine answers whilst telling us how she went blind but now she can see… literally. Recounting stories of doctors, sexual fantasies, binge drinking and family dramas (sometime all at the same time). We hear a unique account of what it is to face inevitable blindness with her very own brand of humour. LOL! Being disabled is her excuse to do exactly what she wants, say what she wants and live her one eyed life as she wants.

‘Get a look in for tickets if you can. And keep your good eye open for sightings of this remarkable actor and semi-visionary writer. It’s way better than the thing with the sharp stick.’

M. Laura Thomas, London Pub Theatres 2015