Jams at the Steez Cafe


The Steez Cafe is the heart of the jam sessions and the musical, lyrical experiments at Brainchild. Since its origins at the 2013 festival, the Steez Cafe has grown from being a simple backline set up in the corner of the bar to having a back to back program of jams, intimate performances and DJ sets from poets, huge jazz bands, solo artists and producers from the Steez community.

We’ve always been blown away by the talent amongst the audiences at Brainchild. In jam sessions in the Steez Cafe, such as the Space Jam, or those led by Cesca or Sumochief, musicians from all across the festival-goers and performers will be welcomed to the stage to get involved. If spoken word or creative writing are more your thing, then the Verbs Jam at Steez is a brilliant low-key environment, or our very own open mic hour on the Sunday in the Forum.