From string mazes to giant jellyfishes and ceral boxes, the art at Brainchild will be a joy to encounter and explore, all lovingly built and dreamt up by a huge network of young architects, illustrators, fine artists, carpenters, designers and general hands-on enthusiasts. All the artists will be on site, and we welcome you to talk to them about their work, and in some cases, help them complete it with your finishing touches through workshops.

This year you’ll be enjoying the work of Alex Payne, Betty Woodhouse, Charlotte Fountaine, Els Maple & Geneva Radburn, Emily Motto, Jasmine Schofield, Jenny Chivers, Jessica Young, Jonathan Harris, Josh Murr, Josie Tucker, Kavitha Balsingham, Kiah Endelman & Flo Bassa, Kristi Minchin, Laurence Flint, Lizy Bending, Nonsense Collective, Annie Mackinnon & Akshy Marayen, Annecy Attlee, Alice Hardy & Priscilla Wong, Louise Colgan, Roma Swords-McDonnell & Abi Portus, Sophie Molyneux & Tess Rees.