For Hector Plimmer, Space is the place

We caught up with the divergent DJ, and talked about the solar system, and his new collab with video artist Loup Blaster.

How are you, and where are you writing this from?
I’m very good thanks, currently writing from my home in Crystal Palace

What inspired the film?
Loup has created a load of animations based on her interpretation of the Moon, the Sun and the Earth which she’ll be working with live during the performance. It was her idea to have all the projections circular and therefore it made sense to get a circular projection screen made up to accommodate them — thanks to Dil for screen building skills!

Where did you meet Loup Blaster?
I first discovered Loup’s work when I saw Clap!Clap! perform live, she was doing the visuals as BBBLASTER along with another animator. I was taken aback by the freshness of all the visuals and the playful, hand drawn elements. I got in contact with her and sent her the music, she seemed to like it, one thing led to another and here we are!

During the project, what common ground did you find together?
By day I do graphic design & do quite a lot of screen printing in my spare time, early on in the project Loup mentioned she was interested in using screen prints as a medium for animation so we spent a day in the studio experimenting. I hadn’t really thought about incorporating my own artwork into the project but she’s done a great job at bringing some of the prints to life. Most of the visuals for the first track ‘Moon’ are the results of our day in the printing studio

And what inspired you to work with nature and the solar system?
From the start of the project I wanted to have a theme running throughout the piece, three or four elements to interpret sonically. I’ve always been pretty fascinated with Space, especially the Moon, so I set about trying to re-create the Moon using sound. It seemed logical to try the Sun & Earth out as they all have a connection with one another — the Moon reflects the sun’s light, the Sun and Moon signify day and night here on Earth, etc.

Do you ever set out to explore an idea, and then end up somewhere unexpected?
I think that’s all part of the creative process sometime, but that’s what’s exciting about it, I’ve always been one to embrace the happy mistakes when they fit.

What’s the most frustrating thing in your creative process?
The creative dip. Sometimes it lasts for up to a month for me, I can’t focus on making music & when I try it just becomes even more frustrating. I think it’s a natural occurrence though, lots of creative people around me seem to have the same problem from time to time. It always feels refreshing once its passed though, I think the dip can be a sign that its time to progress creatively sometimes.
Also I have a constant battle with cables, they all seem to prefer being tangled up in a big spaghetti junction than separated.

Thanks, Hector

Hector Plimmer is performing Earth, alongside Loup Blaster’s film, at Brainchild’s launch party this weekend.